We are the LightWorkers – Welcome


I am starting this site before I feel ready, and yet as with all good missions, I’ve always known I’m ready now.

Now is not just the perfect time, it is the only time this was possible.

I’m starting this as I begin the upward ascension of my journey, and I’m doing this now, ┬áto share with you and to give you maybe inspiration or hope not just for the future, but also how to deal with this current moment YOU are going through.

I’m hopefully this may possibly also act as a guide for how to allow this journey to be even more exciting, even more liberating and hopefully a little easier for you, because if you are here, then you have just come through the first steps. It may have taken you a short while, it may have taken you years.

Think of this stage as a butterfly in the final stages of emerging from a cocoon. It is done with the hibernation, it is done with the change, it is at a point now where it is aware that it has had a cocoon.

It is a butterfly, fully formed, pushing through those last few moments, those last few threads and the act of pushing through is forcing the blood into its wings so that it too can fly to it’s highest heights.

This is the Most Crucial part of the transformation from a caterpillar into a butterfly because everything up until now has been preparing the butterfly to be the most beautiful, the most intense, the most vibrant, preparing it to fly the highest, to be its best self, creating it to be all of it’s unique self.

What comes next is flying – every butterfly knows that its purpose is to fly high, fast, quickly. Seeing beautiful things, transferring beautiful things.

But this moment, this moment of struggle, of breaking through the cocoon, this is crucial.

This is also the most painful.

If during the breakthrough we stop, then the blood is never forced into our wings and we cannot fly.

If we are helped out without the pressure of the cocoon, then we will not fly.

Anything less then pushing our way all the way through the struggle, completing this process, emerging the other side ready to fly, anything less than this will cause us to never become the full butterfly, to never reach the highest level of our potential.

And so it is at this stage that I begin this site.

It is at this stage that I begin sharing this knowledge with you, because I know that years from now it will be a distant memory from me but it will be the moment, this moment, that is just beginning for you.

And it is my mission, my gift to inspire and support and guide you through this transformational process.

So many people wait until they are the butterfly, flying high, looking down and saying “come, it is worth it”.

But if we don’t help each other push through the pain, if we don’t help each other recognise the purpose and beauty that lies on the other side, then too many butterflies are giving up without completing the fight.

Too many are staying in their cocoon far too long, never pushing through, never drying their wings, never flying into the light, at the speed of light.

So this is where our journey begins and I trust that you, like me, know there is more to see.

I trust that you, like me, remember why we are here.

and I trust that you, like me, see that there is so much hope for this crazy world because We are the Light Workers.

We are Love.

We are Here.

We are Ready.


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