Inner Circle

Inner Circle – Work with Fi 

The lightworking journey is incredibly important and usually uncomfortable and often lonely.

Along the way we will meet many mentors, supporters and guides to assist us on our growth and help us to move forward.

Depending on what you’ve done before you may be ready to tap into some one on one help to move you forward in your lightworker journey.


Release, Reset, Rebuild 

For many of us we approach the beginning of this journey in pain. We were born love and light and in this human existence that trait can often be abused, taken advantage of or completely misunderstood and rejected.

We were born with the power to vibrate at very high frequency, literally the speed of light. We were born being bundles of joy, often fulfilling a need for deep love for our families after some source of pain.

But because nobody around us knew how to vibrate that fast instead of “learning to drive” we were taught to put on the hand brakes.

Release work is about clearing the outer shell we have created in order to embrace our true inner self and allow us to fully and freely continue in our intended roles as light workers.


Once the initial clearing is done, we can enter a phase of reset which can be even more uncomfortable as we release the familiar and embrace the unknown.

The reset period is one of massive questioning, even grieving as we adjust to life without the shackles and the realisation that they were never necessary. At this time we are embracing massive responsibility and a feeling of “speeding up” as our vibration and connection to source becomes stronger and more complete. We have people come into and leave our life very suddenly. We have new information presented that cause us to question everything we’ve been taught and important decisions to make about how we move forward.

This is a time to lean on support from other lightworkers to be a sounding board, guide and completely judgement space to express all of your new thoughts, emotions and experiences on your journey of ascension.


The time of the LightWorker has come. It is our time now to help to heal the world.

The world needs us now, not when we are perfect, not when we have everything sorted, now; to begin conscious and intentional transfer of our messages of love, light, healing, wisdom and understanding in order to free the world from fear and it’s associated pain and suffering.

The ways to do this will take many forms but all require us to be effective in communicating with people where they are at and guiding them through their own journey to understanding.

This rebuild phase is a time of experiencing, living and demonstrating the truth of full abundance. The truth that as we give so will we receive and as we receive so must we give.

For those of us in this phase it is our “job” to bring practical, physical manifestation into the world as evidence of the light so that more feel safe to release. Gone are the times of forced suppression instead we are to effectively communicate through and to those who are ready.

Whatever the stage of your journey we are here, ready, willing and able to support you through your journey.

Welcome to the Light 💞

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