The Art of Flow

Flow is an overrated concept until you know how to do it properly.

So many people use the concept of flow as a way of avoiding responsibility for creating and influencing their physical reality.

It is a way of escaping into the spiritual world at the expense of living a full human experience.

Flow is a choice, a decision in any given moment to choose things that bring us up the spiral to joy or things that bring us down the spiral through pain.

True flow comes with a Lot of responsibility, because true flow is connecting with complete abundance and all that that entails.

True flow means being completely connected with your mission so you are constantly hearing messages from your spirit self through the layers of your mental, emotional and physical human experience.

True flow means releasing any resistance to that message which includes letting go of any “shoulds” you have created in your manifested reality.

If your current “flow” means you resist being around negative people or avoid doing mundane tasks then you could be in denial flow instead of true flow.

Denial flow is when you only do things that feel good at the expense of achieving your full abundant wealth.

True flow exists when you have manifested all the gifts of source, the infinite, into your reality.

Therein lies the responsibility of being in flow. Being in flow means you are guided to do the foundation rituals that allow you to be free to accept opportunities presented to you at any given moment – that is what the universe does for you.

If you are living a life anything less than being ready, willing and able to say yes to opportunities that inspire you and bring you joy then you are not in true flow.

It means going to the gym, cleaning the house, organising your work.

It means clearing the clutter that you have been using as an anchor so that you may be free to allow more of what brings you joy into your life.

It means falling in love with yourself and being that source of love so that anyone can be in your awareness at any given moment, and you know completely that if they are in a negative state it is not able to pull you out of flow, but instead because your flow is exactly what they need to be guided out of their current state.

It means choosing love and light over fear and doubt and clearing it out of your life for good.

Flow is divine inspiration, and once you do the ground work you will be ready to handle anything at anytime because everything is part of your mission.


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