We are the light workers.

We are the ones who always knew we were different, always knew we were meant for more.

We are the ones the call the Empaths, Highly Sensitive, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, WooWoo, Craszy….

We are the ones who know the truth…. we ARE the light.

We are here to heal this world. We are here to not just Live, but to Love, To Learn, To Give, To Grow  and most importantly help others through their journey of life lessons.

We are all spiritual beings having a human experience, only some of us know what that fully means. Our souls have been on this journey forever, our human minds and bodies are only just catching up.

As the human world seems to descend into chaos and fear, more and more we are being called to know it is our time to shine.

We are the light in the darkness, a beacon of hope that we are more than our circumstances suggest.

We are the truth that there is no fear, no evil, only love and the corruption, fear and doubt of love’s pure truth.

Love is the 6th Sense and we are now ready for our awakening.

Welcome to the light.

Welcome to the mission.

I trust you will find inspiration, hope and guidance to make your transition into this journey as exciting and wonderful as possible through our articles, courses and audios. And remember, if in doubt just ask 

Who am I?

I am a translator, I speak the language of the light in a way that the darkness can understand.

I had a form of psoriasis and depression that could only be cured by exposure to sunlight.

I have a love of femininity of women as equally as a love of masculinity of men.

I have equal appreciation for the beauty of nature and construction of mankind.

I am uniquely positioned as a bridge between worlds, a lover of both and a guide to help others find the way.

I am not afraid of fear because I know fear is the cry for love, it is darkness craving the light.

I believe we are here not just to evolve our human species, but our human species is part of evolving our light.

We cannot appreciate light without darkness, and it is in our moments of darkness that we most crave the light.

Much of the work we do is for love not money so if you’re feeling the love and would like to donate money towards our work please feel free to do so through Crypto aka the currency’s of a lighter future.

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