Full Moon Rituals

Full moons have an incredible impact on our lives.

Even for the least spiritually aware, the effects are noticeable in tides, gardening and of course the “full moon crazies” that occur in every hospital and police precinct over the course of a full moon.

On the path of Spiritual Awakening, the full moon can be a powerful and valuable ally for cleansing and healing.

If you have access to a safe place outdoors to make the most of the full moon energy then the energies will be even stronger.

However, the power indoors is just as strong to assist in recharging crystals and to conduct letting go Rituals.

Here are two simple indoor full moon rituals for you to try at home on the rising of the next full moon.

1. Crystal Cleansing

If you have a windowsill facing the path of the moon, use this for best effect.

Remove crystals from storage or grid positions just before the moon rises and place on the window sills.

Focus your intention energy over them, giving gratitude for their service and give opportunity to recharge.

“Thank you for your service, I appreciate the healing you bring to our heart and Home”

2. Release and Embrace

For this you’ll need:

  • Large glass or crystal bowl
  • Smaller bowl or glass jar of water
  • Black candle
  • Paper
  • Pen

Be aware of fire safety and smoke. Clear all flammable items away and practice this ritual on a sturdy surface near an open, moon facing window.

Place the lit candle and jar of water inside the larger glass/crystal bowl.

Decide what you are ready to release and Write each statement on a small piece of paper. Eg

  • “I release my guilt”
  • “I release the need for clutter”
  • “I release disease”
  • “I release my fear of …..”
  • “I release my anger toward…”

Tear off each small strip and one at a time prepare to burn. Light one corner and hold over the jar of water. Depending on the size of your large bowl you can choose to let the pieces burn completely in the large bowl or drop them burning into the water.

Repeat until all your negatives are released.

Take a new strip of paper and write your “I Embrace” statement which is the single major focus you want to bring in over the next 29 days ahead. Eg.

  • “I Embrace all abundance and prosperity”
  • “I Embrace Full Mind, Body And Spirit Wellness”
  • “I Embrace luck and success”

Don’t burn this piece, instead place it under your crystals and leave it on the windowsill until the end of the full moon cycle.

The next 3 full moons from December 2017 and two in January 2018 are part of a super moon trio so make the most of the energies to release and reenergise your success.


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