Why do we have tragedy?

Las Vegas Shooting 2017 – lightworker download

They have not won.

For many among us, lightworkers, healers, sleepers and those not yet aligned the events of the world are cause for much fear and confusion.

It is from this that I wrote to you for our awareness is key to our understanding and healing to move forward from this moment.

For many this will trigger a devolution back into 3D fear and we must even more spread the message of light, clarity of truth and force of love behind what has unfolded.

Many believe war is only bad. It is bad, yes but it also has many acts of goodness that are necessary for human evolution. It is because of war that we are forced to innovate technologies, modalities and connections with others. We are forced to work together to heal, to recover and rebuild.

As with all things there is no good and there is no evil, there is simply love and fear of lack of love, as is true with many recent events in our world.

In our process of ascension many are asking for a peaceful road, a glorious uprising of love and light.

However this is not how growth occurs.

A seed does not grow in lightness but in darkness.

The pressure of the earth is required to create a diamond.

The force of exiting the cocoon is what allows a butterfly to use its wings.

As with them is with us, it is only in our darkest moments that we are most compelled to reach for the light.

It is the contrast of tragedy that causes us to pray for peace.

Many feel alone in these times of darkness, we reassure you, you are not.

We have been through this shift a great many times, we know the pain you are feeling and every fibre of us wants to step in and take it away. And yet we know to do so would deny you a most important part of your evolution and simply prolong the darkness state.

We cannot reach you all directly. Our ability to intervene is only possible to the level you are ready to allow it. And so while we know the events must unfold we have been working overtime to ensure the most positive ascension outcome for all.

We shall explain.

As many now will know, this moment was not the first chosen. Why this event? Why that window? Why now?

As the dark forces were physically guiding their false flag puppet into place they underestimated our ability to influence the pieces.

Why this event?

It shows a great many events were shortlisted but this was the final one chosen. Our channel first asked “why country music? How could it happen to our county music family?” And yet this was a most important part of our work to ensure greater good for all.

Country music tells a story of honesty and truth. It is a way of life, a community, a family connected deeply at the roots with the world, each other and nature. As with other such tragedies there will be tribute concerts later, yet it was the speed of which their love rebounds that was the source of our guiding him to this event.

Where others staged and planned, the love of their people have already seen so many transmute their loss into music, songs – the messengers understood across all barriers of language, space and time. Their lyrics has given language of love to many who would have otherwise been unable to express their grief.

For many who have died, they want you to know they died feeling the happiest they have been in a great many years and now join us in understanding and our work to spread the word of love and light.

This is also an important messenger group for the catalyst of changing the path of our timeline split for many had been in support of the illusion of the cabal. Whether the right to bear arms or consumerism and greed, there were many who have now reason to wake up from their veils and fully comprehend the truth , shifting the balance of support away from the separation mentality and back to the collective consciousness mentality that we are all one and as such to harm each other is to harm ourselves.

The cabal were counting on the ripple effect of confused retaliation to trigger a snowball of devastation. This did not go according to their plan.

Many were guided to leave their guns out of reach that night. Those who usually carry without fail decided this was the night to not. We knew we couldn’t prevent the initial attack but this was our way of minimising the fallout on innocents.

Why that window?

While the long range and height of the shooter was chosen by the negative for maximum impact they misjudged the effect it would have on ascension. In their mind they were triggering a state of fear that anyone could hide anywhere but instead it caused questions that allowed the truth seekers to expose the false flag quicker than ever before. Unlike so many attacks before the inability to solve violence with violence was a stark reminder for many of the effects of escalating unchecked access to weaponry by those not capable of respect for the consequences of that force. So many of the usual arguments for guns have been busted through this one act, allowing space for true questioning and potential reform, with affected celebrity’s using their reach to express their change of mind and reasons publicly for all to consider.

Why Now?

The Harvest Festival, in the lead up to the Harvest full moon.

For so many thousands of years this time has been interpreted as a time of sacrifice. As with harvesting the crops, taking their life to give nourishment to us, many cultures have considered this a time requiring sacrifice to take life for their nourishment.

There are a great many in the darkened group who feel off the energies of fear, anger, sadness and desperation. Astrological and energetic alignment of the galaxy made it a ripe time to trigger a spiral of fear to get a bumper harvest for them to feed.

However once again they have misunderstood and underestimated the power of the alliance.

We have been guiding a great many of you to be ready to transmute this event over the past few weeks, months and years and you have responded even faster than many of us could have hoped for.

More and more we are seeing the speed in which an event intended to trigger violence and fear has instead been met with compassion and love.

Their arrogance and disrespect for the balance of polarities has and always will be the dark forces undoing. For while the maintain their march toward separatist thinking, they forget the power of the system.

We are still two parts of the one whole. Yin and Yan, good and evil, light and dark.

Every act they do toward the negative allows us to intervene even more from the positive. Every time they push down harder to regain control, the more pressure we push against it with for our freedom. Their inability to trust causes them to underestimate our ability to forgive.

A great many ascensions have been undertaken or attempted from a place of getting rid of, casting out or suppressing the unwanted. But this is an ascension of integration. Which is what it is so fascinating and has attracted so much attention from our kind.

So many people are expecting the One Rapture, the Saviour, the off planet flight of the righteous. But this is not the way of your true ascension.

Indeed many offers like that have already been made but they were not truth of the light, instead further veils of the dark.

For this ascension of Gaia, earth, all will be ascended as it is the final coming together of the split to the central one. For the final frontier to 5D is understanding that we are you and you are them, only then can your kind become enlightened and reconnect with your source on a conscious, aware level.

Judgement is what keeps us apart, what keeps the violence perpetuated. Compassion is what brings world peace.

Accepting that all possibilities lie within us. Nothing is either all good or all bad, simply endless possibilities of choices that play out within the contrast of our reality.

With that acceptance we move closer to source and closer to unconditional love which is where all forgiveness, strength and knowing exists.

There is only unconditional love and the fear of losing that love. The higher we ascend the more aware we are that losing love is not possible. Love can exist without fear but fear cannot exist without love so there is only love and ever unfolding extensions of love.

So my friends once again we find ourselves both cursed and blessed with the most fundamental advantage of being human – freedom of choice, free will. Both major timeline splits exist in earths /humanity’s potential future and many million variations to get there.

Sleep choices led us here, awakened choices lead us out.

Question everything from childlike curiosity- not with judgment of an adulthood right and wrong but with wide eyed wonder of an exploring child.

Seek out mentors, teachers and others who have gone before you on as many levels of reality as you can perceive.

And as always let emotions be your guide – feel your way into decisions balancing logic with emotion, your answers with your feeling and chose directions that take you closer to love.

You are exactly where you need to be and we are all in this together.

We encourage you to seek different perspectives to help in your healing.

Like this from Magenta Pixie – http://youtu.be/ZdgnXZRsZvs

With love and light x💞


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