Why did we hide our light? 

Why did we hide our light? 

Because to share it with the wrong people hurt. 

For centuries lightworkers have been coming to this planet, aiming to guide, hoping to inspire. 
And for centuries they’ve been killing us for it. 

Whether Nailing us to a cross, Locking us away in darkness like Nelson Mandella, or burning us at the stake like the last entire generation of witches – the darkness has gone to a lot of effort to ensure we never come to light. 

And so once upon a time, en masse, we hid.

We hid because they were physically stronger, because we realised our human bodies were fragile so we would have to learn to speak their language to guide them back to the light.

As humans we discovered that there was safety in numbers and whoever had the greater numbers was most likely to succeed. 

When they were at their strongest was when communication between the light was at its most difficult. It once took many years for a message to spread on earth and in that time the armies with the biggest numbers could intercept, discredit or destroy the light worker before the truth was able to come out. 

Even without their threats to work against the light, there were so many other physical dangers out there that we were forced to rely on them for safety and so we learned to fit in. 

We toed the line, bided our time and waited until the time was right, until we had our own ways to access the safety of being in high numbers. 

The physical death has become less easy for them to manage so they doomed us to a psychological death instead, locking away the crazy ones and drugging everyone else. 

For so many years those who could shine most brightly were doomed to a fate worse than death, watching entire generations suffer and knowing there was nothing we could do about it but observe, learn and work behind the scenes to be ready when the time was right. 

Some persisted, some pushed through because courage is not the absence of fear, it is the decision that something is more important than the fear and that physical death was a risk worth taking. 

In this generation we were labeled as the crazy ones. The misfits. The weird “Those People” they hoped would go away. 

But we didn’t go away, we got better. 

The fear when we first start to speak of our awakening is justified based on the history we’ve learned and many are still hesitant at admit it. 

But now, finally with the internet and technology we have the safety in numbers to come out with the speed it will take to be believed. To stand up against our opressor.

Many Archangel messages are saying that we’re awakening slower than expected. 

As lightworkers it is our job to help speed up the process by being brace enough, strong enough and determined enough to push through the fear, risk the pain and spread the message of love anyway. 

Now is our time to ask “What would love do?”


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