Who is our Opressor?

For centuries we’ve been hiding our light, waiting for the time to be right to shine. 

Waiting for the fear and danger out there to go away. Waiting to have safety in numbers and perfect alignment to overthrow our Opressor. 

And finally with the internet, movies, all things to help ideas go viral and be believed in and instant, our time is right, Perfectly positioned for the Truth to finally come out. 

And yet only once we got everything we thought we needed to defeat them did we realise it wasn’t them we needed to change.

We spent so long fighting against the Opressor that we couldn’t understand who the Opressor actually was. 

Why did we hide our light? Because we were afraid that we or the people we love would get hurt. 

But we are light, how could we have fear? 

And that my dears is the point. 

We had to learn fear in order to discover the whole truth, that the dichotomy of all things is within. 

Within light there is the ability to hurt and to heal. To cause weakness and strength. To give courage And fear.

It is not the absence of these things that cause love, it is the combination of these things, the collaboration and cohesion of all elements at once that is this Love of which we speak.

Our experience in the dark has taught us the lessons we most came here to learn – we are meant to exist as one. 

Not just the oneness out there, but oneness that starts within. 

In our fear we learned reliance and with it the strength to get results and realisation that we could achieve far more together than we ever could alone.

Together we can do more, move faster and reach the speed of light. But coexistence at the speed of light can cause pain if we don’t learn to navigate. 

And while we Lightworkers always knew we could love others in spite of their flaws and shades of grey, we are finally recognising that the “darkness” we need to love the most are the shadows within ourselves. 

There is no Lucifer that we can cast out, because Lucifer exists within. There is no one Divine Good we can put on a pedestal because Divine Good exists within. 

To suppress or exaggerate either within is the source of the beginnings of darkness. 

Some of the most powerful “Opressors” in this world are also the most afraid, but their fear wasn’t allowed so the put on a brave face and did everything they could to survive. If they didn’t know an answer, they made it up so as not to show weakness because they learned weakness could get them killed. Some never knew kindness and thought the pain made them strong so they gave the same lessons they had to everyone else. 

Throughout history truths have been turned into Myth and Myth has been turned into truth and one of the greatest is the myth that there is Good Or Evil. 

The Myth that people are simply born evil or born great is not true, the truth is that we are all born capable of both. 

Epigenetics is proving that our genes matter far less than our experiences. Our experiences shapes our criteria, our criteria informs our choices and our choices create our life.

It is much easier to believe we were just born that way than to accept the responsibility of knowing we could be both.

We have all killed living things, does the fact that it was just a plant or by accident or for food make it more ok? Is contemplating suicide the same tendency as contemplating murder?

We must accept our capabilities for light and dark and that it is free will that gives us our choice. 

Any time we blame an external we give up our power to make that choice. 

Any time we deny that we have both the dark and the light, we give up our power to make a choice. 

The ecology of our choices is what is determining the state of our world, is it good for you, good for others and good for the greater good. 

If we all made ecological choices individually then the state of the world would change within weeks. 

There is no strength in not using something you don’t have. There is no strength in exploiting or hoarding what you do have. But having it and choosing to use it only when ecological now that is true strength. 

All our parts make up our whole and every part of us is designed to be a perfect match for the role we are meant to play on this earth – a being and bringer of love. 

We are all meant to coexist as one. To have a collaborative, cohesive and joyful life through experiences we share together. 

And the best way, the Only way to do that is to embrace all of ourselves and play Our best part in each life. 

So who is the real Oppressor? Our only Oppressor is ourselves. 

For every ecological decision we choose Not to make, we give that responsibility to another. For every decision we choose that doesn’t serve the greater good, we perpetuate the need for tighter regulation. 

Not just the big things, of course we’re all “good” people and never gonna murder anyone (well not unless they Really deserved it 😉) 

But what about paying for a bus/train/tram ticket? 

Sure it’s cheaper (good for you) to not pay and risk getting caught by an external Oppressor, but if everyone did that how long would our public transport systems be able to sustain the greater good? So once the public transport system collapses, and all those people are back on the roads how long before gridlock makes it impossible to move? And how many times will you have to show up late or not be able to get there at all before you lose your job? And how long after losing your job will you no longer be able to pay for your needs to meet even your basic level of survival- food, water, shelter? So how long is it really between one un ecological decision by every person in the world and descending straight back to the dark ages? Not long when you think about it. 

We set our Regulators up to fail then blame them when they do. 

Whatever you think of “the man” it was our choices on the little things that perpetuates the need for external management and focus on the greater good and until we make different choices, until we demonstrate our ability to think ecologically then the state of our world will remain as is. 

Consider another side to the equation, picking up our own litter. Have you ever dropped a piece of litter, accidentally or on purpose? You know that little bit of plastic that blew away in the wind, the cigarette butt you couldn’t find a bin for, your dogs pooh in the middle of the night? Consider what happened when there were no laws against litter? 

Now imagine what’s possible if we each acted ecologically? What if every day, every person not only disposed of every piece of their rubbish properly, but also picked up one extra piece? How long befor our world earth would be clean? I give it a week! And Most importantly it would stay that way forever. 

If we want to overthrow our Oppressor, we must overthrow the darkness within ourselves and the solution is in the ecology. 

Stop putting self before others and stop putting others before self. If we consider what is best for the greater good then every decision must help self and others equally in the long run. 

Shine your light and use it to navigate your darkness. Combine the two and show others how to do the same through both inspiration and education and then let them find their way. 

And if in doubt ask the ecology questions to know what Love would do. 


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