Physical or Spiritual?

Physical or spiritual? Are we human beings having a spiritual experience, or spiritual beings having a human experience?

Whatever your beliefs right now, cultivating our spiritual and human bodies is a must right now. 

Physical symptoms of a spiritual awakening are widely discussed and commonly understood, but my curiosity stems from why? Are they simply coincidence? Or a part of our need for and continuing level of evolution? 

Our human bodies were always meant to evolve, to expand. 

Our spiritual beings were always meant to be our guide, our truth. 

We were always meant to be connected with both, like a child going to school is still connected with its family. But somewhere along the way we got pinched off. Separated. Hidden and denied from source and “stuck” in our human bodies, thinking this is the only experience. 

For so many people we’ve been caught between worlds as we’ve been waking back up. 

For generations people have been awakening to the reality that there is a spiritual experience and then getting stuck “up there” unable or unwilling to function properly in their human experience. 

For others, the vast majority, we’ve been stuck in our physical experience, unwilling or unable to grasp the access to the spiritual realm. 

Wherever you have been stuck, there is neither on better than another, no one right way or worse problem. 

Both a frustrating, both are painful, both are keeping humanity stuck. 

Eating meat was an incredibly important part of our evolution, or more specifically eating cooked meats and vegetables and the transformation of different proteins, carbs and vitamins like B12 that cooking allowed us to absorb, was necessary to give our primitive brains the fuel to grow and evolve into the rapidly firing brain, capable of handling complex problems, strategic long term thinking and everything we do above and beyond basic survival.

Our brains have evolved to a point now where we’re able to extract every vitamin we need from any source at any time, so now our food source gets to be a choice. 

At the same time, our physical connectedness to every other being on the planet is also reaching critical mass making it a perfect environment for sharing and questioning everything we’ve been told in relation to our spiritual source energy. 

So what is critical for the next stage? 

What if it wasn’t the source that is good or bad, right or wrong, what if it is what we receive and how we integrate what is received from the source that makes it useful for moving us forward through the next stage of our evolution or not?

This stands true for the source and integration of our physical and spiritual nourishment. 

As our bodies have grown our brains have shrunk. It is time to shrink our bodies and expand our brains, but doing so seems to require us to access all the same nutritional balance we did last time, at least in the early stages.
At this stage of evolution we need things like complex B vitamins, Magnesium and good fats at a physical level, love, light and wisdom at a spiritual level. 

How we each choose to get them is kind of irrelevant. 

If you want to be vegan, great, if you want to exist solely on shakes, great, if you want to follow the Atkins diet, raw food diet, caveman diet, soup diet, see-food-and-eat-it diet (my personal fave) great as long as you understand the fundamentals and supplement what you can not readily absorb through the food you are eating.

Same for our spiritual source, if the Angels talk to you, great, if it’s the Faeries, great, if it’s Crystals, Tarot, Aliens, Dead People, your dog, your cat – great! As long as the source fills you with love, light and a wisdom that you can integrate and share with others then however it comes is perfect. 

I heard the concept of breatharianism the other day and I scoffed, (as with all important breakthroughs first it is ridiculed, then feared, then suppressed then accepted.) then really thought about it. 

There are only a handful of living things existing in our world that are purely self reliant, and one I can think of that is not only self sustaining but can sustain all other living things – plants. 

Every plant grows to its fullest unique potential without questioning or doubting itself or wondering why it is not like something else. 

A tree would never stop striving to reach its highest heights just because the tiny fern or orchid at its base couldn’t grow that high. 

Each plant simply grows to support everything else. They take in the things that we can’t process, carbon, and transform it into the things most essential for all other life – oxygen. 

And they exist purely on Sunlight and Water. 

Imagine the possibilities of a future like that.


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