Solstice Awakening 

[Solstice Awakening Month – Guided Mentoring Opportunity]
As the solstice falls over our earth simultaneously giving us darkest dark and lightest light, we embark on a new moon and a new year of possibilities. 

Activated by the stream of energy of this time when we are most connected the the alignment of source, even those most deeply asleep feel the energy flow in a way that is getting harder to deny. 

For those of us already on our journey of awakening, now is the time to take the plunge, for total immersion in our spiritual growth as we are supported with all things love and light. 

As we move into the cycle of the New Moon, Spirit Child and We are the Lightworkers will be running a closed group mentoring, support and guidance program for all lightworkers wanting to come together and use this heightened energy to fast track our awakening journey. Message below or contact us for details. 
All are welcome on the journey to Love and Light 💞💫


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