Accessing Our True Abundance

Recently I was introduced to a concept of ascension whereas all sins would be cleansed and the world economy would be effectively reset giving equal division of funds to all.
This concept talked about a concept of on a particular day aliens would show up and deposit $10Million into every persons bank account so we could start fresh without fear or worrying about basic survival, giving us a fresh start to bring love and joy and peace into our world.
Now some people heard this and got excited planning for a specific date, and when that date passed they became disillusioned- where is my $10Mil?
If we feel let down, deserted, like we were promised the world then forgotten there is an element of feeling lied to that then in turn breeds even more fear, doubt and resentment.
But what if it really did arrive, just not in the way we expected? What if it is our fixation on the literal translation that is preventing us from receiving the $10Mil that was given to us as promised?

If it were given by spiritual beings, promising a new currency to replace the outdated and abused paper currency, then why would we expect it to immediately show up as paper currency?
If it was to be deposited from the cosmic universe bank, why would be expect it to show up in our Big4 bank account?
If it was given as the solution to corruption, why would it be given in a way that corruption could access it?
What a ridiculous concept! Not that we’ve each received a deposit of $10Million, oh no that is very real and it can and will be manifested into physical reality.
But to think it would show up without doing the work? Preposterous!! And you know why? Because our spiritual beings are smarter than us and they appreciate finally that we as a species cannot grasp the concept of free. We do not yet appreciate the value of free. It is too much of a leap from the world we have been trained to live in and therefore causes fear because to our simple human bodies we have learned that different is dangerous.
That is why historical accounts of Utopia have failed. The lovers in the garden of Eden had everything, fear drove them out.
So what if we each do have a cosmic bank account full of $10Million, and manifestingit into this physical reality is like making a withdrawal from an ATM? What would we need?
Focus point – money in our “real” bank account doesn’t land in our hand at will, it requires us to go to a specific spot of focus in order to bring it into reality. So doesn’t it stand to reason that our universal account is the same? Just because you haven’t been to the ATM yet doesn’t mean the money isn’t there!
And once you find the ATM standing there and hoping, wishing or yelling for the money to come out doesn’t get it out – you still need a password.
Now given their infinite wisdom what do we think the password would be? A password that nobody except those who are worthy could know. And even if they knew it could be a password unable to be replicated by anyone except those who are worthy?
Of course there can only be one such password, the password of love. An energetic vibration that allows us to bring forth all abundance owing to us, available to us and accessible by us when we are in a being of love.
This is a truth we can learn to accept and as a species have learned to accept. Love is the currency that allows us to access gifts through others, and allows us to care for others. Love incites miracles, from birth to healing to the strength to lift a car off an infant.
It is also the vibration that prevents misuse, greed or fear based behaviour because while the cash currency was corrupted by fear, the universal currency cannot be. Nobody can threaten us to open our universal bank account because in a state of fear it won’t work. Given we can only experience fear or love at any given moment then it is the perfect safety seal.
And even if we chose in that moment to open our account and give them every physical money cent inside, the act of giving alone would allow us to receive back infinitely more wealth because love can never be diminished, like the flame of a candle when shared it expands.
Yesterday I found someone’s credit card on the ground. With the help of Facebook we were able to give it back.

Today I found $5 cash. I tried to give it to a homeless person I found sleeping in the park but he refused to accept it, so we kept it for someone who is ready.

I feel we are all being offered and tested, not to prove that we are worthy of the money in our accounts because just by being here, we are worthy.

But to test in our readiness to be able to access the accounts and therefore all the abundance and wealth of our universe.
Can we stay in love when we are offered temptations?

Can we still choose to give when our own needs seem great?

Are we ready to trust in the little things as they guide us to the big things?

And most of all can we be trusted to use our unique gifts to empower others to come with us on the journey.
If we all have equal wealth, and we all have the same password then it must be that Our accounts are tied to our DNA, unique to us in every way and they all started with an abundance of $10Million. Which means the more uniquely us we become the more easily we will be able to access the abundance in our accounts and bring it into this physical dimension.
Because the more we fall in love with us, the more we will do Our unique work and the more we do Our unique work the more opportunities for material reward will come into our awareness- like ATMs for our unique universal bank account. And the more we love ourselves the more we will invest in others to help us be even more our unique selves, and we will beam that love to others so that they invest in us to fulfil their uniqueness too.
Wow. What a possibility 💞💫🌸


Much of the work we do is for love not money but if you’re feeling the love and would like to contribute money please feel free to do so through Crypto – the currency of a love and light filled future.

LiteCoin – LUScDTpz9a7q7stDFQf9gy89Wa1nrt5zbp


One thought on “Accessing Our True Abundance

  1. Love this!!

    Great concept and theory hard to relate to when you love more on the side of fear.

    Though the possibility of love rather than fear for the entire planet 🌎Sounds amazing and deserves all the possible energy available to create this!


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