What if?

What if?

The filter of our thinking changes everything about the reality we experience.

If we look through a lens of fear, then we see all things as danger. If we look through a lens of love, than all things are tools to help others.

The perspective of our questions also changes everything about how we answer.

Here are some different perspectives I’ve considered when filtering my downloads for sharing….

Remember  Рas with all things on this and any other site, these are not Truths to be accepted, simply perspectives to consider. If they help to increase choice and lead you closer to your own connection to source then please enjoy with my love. If they cause you conflict or concern that takes you down a path of fear, then please dismiss them as the rave rantings of a loony. This is Your journey, own the responsibility of your own curiosity.

What if….

What if we are descendents of a race of light beings who are purely Feminine in nature and created Earth as an opportunity to experience and learn from Masculine, and that is why we call it “ManKind”?

What if earth was created as a school, the “Institute of Innovation and Technology” and then the teachers got lost along the way?

What if Earth is a child of another planet and we’re just coming out of the “terrible two’s”? Or starting to approach puberty?

What if plants and trees weren’t the lowest, dumbest part of the food chain, but instead they were the highest, most intelligent living beings on earth? What if the plants are the teachers we were sent to guide the way home?

What if we were some alien kids’ science experiment?

What if there is no source and what we see is all there is?

What if the bible was created as mind control by the people who thought they were smarter than the angels? What if all education was created to keep us in our heads and distracted from the truth?

What if food can only be experienced as part of the “Human” experience because our true self exists only on water and sunlight?


There will be many more musings to come, of this I’m sure. Feel free to share your own what if’s below so we can all benefit from the continued evolution of our questions and seeking of our truth xx



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